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Standard La Bidonata - The Rip-Off 1977 DVDRip x264 AC3 ITA

La Bidonata - The Rip-Off
The Rip-Off
La Bidonata

Italien 1977

Regie: Luciano Ercoli


Before the film's premier executive producer Niccolo De Nora was kidnapped. Soon after "La Bidonata" was shelved. Debate continues on whether the film was shelved due to the kidnapping of the producer or for the fact the film played poorly to test audiences. Either way the film was pulled and all elements were presumed lost. No promotional materials were printed and Luciano Erocli's final film would become lost for nearly thirty years. A print however was discovered in a box that was supposed to contain Japanese cartoons. The print was shipped off to an LVR lab where after examination they announced that it was in remarkably good condition. This one surviving print was used for the NoShame DVD release.

The film released on Region 0 NTSC DVD by NoShame films in 2006. Because of the obscurity of the film, NoShame included it as a bonus with the film Colt 38 Special Squad. The DVD is currently out-of-print.

This delightful caper spoof was one of the most pleasant "Euro-Cult" surprises, especially when considering that it could have been lost to us altogether: it's ironic - not to say chilling - that reality would imitate art so soon afterwards (the plot involves a kidnapping, and the producer was himself the victim of one in real-life, causing the film's release to be unceremoniously cancelled!). Walter Chiari, is wonderful here, in fact, his character (a would-be crook modeling himself on Alain Delon) especially recalls Gassman's stuttering mastermind in Mario Monicelli's classic BIG DEAL ON MADONNA STREET (1958). The rest of the cast is equally well chosen: Maurizio Arena (a chubby song-and-dance man in a run-down variety act), Ettore Manni (a henpecked and alcoholic restaurant owner), Marisa Merlini (Arena's possessive mother), Susan Scott (as a prostitute and Chiari's old flame), Vittorio Caprioli (an irritable wealthy industrialist whose son is the kidnap victim), Franca Valeri (his wife, who strikes a deal with Chiari's gang for half the ransom price!), Venantino Venantini (as the French gangster behind the kidnapping and who has a penchant for S&M games - the most memorable involving his private parts and a suitcase! - which Scott is all-too-happy to oblige). Chiari devises an elaborate scheme to double-cross the kidnappers by following their every move via a number of vehicles (car hidden in moving van, motorcycle stashed in car boot, etc.); the film's comedy quotient (both verbal and visual) is consistent and generally inspired.

LA BIDONATA is LUCIANO ERCOLI’s (THE DEATH BOX SET) long lost last feature film. Restored from the only existing positive 35mm print, this notorious lost film has never been exhibited anywhere in the world and boasts a cast of great Italian character actors: Walter Chiari (THE VALACHI PAPERS), Susan Scott (DEATH WALKS AT MIDNIGHT, DEATH WALKS ON HIGH HEELS), Ettore Manni (Mario Bava’s RABID DOGS), … and was shot by CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST cinematographer Sergio D’Offizi.

Ton: italienisch
UT (idx/sub): englisch


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Gruß, Wantan
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guter alter film!
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Daumen runter help pls!

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kann you reup Please!?

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